Writing a Cover Letter


Writing a Cover Letter - While applying for a job, we usually forward our resumes to employers via email or post. In the event of any such step, it is essential to send a cover letter along with the resume. Before your resume, it is the cover letter that will be seen and that is why it must be written with utmost care. A poorly written cover letter may demotivate your employer from even reading your resume. Writing effective office assistant cover letter will help you to get a call for interview. Follow these tips to write an effective cover letter and increase your chances of receiving a call from your employer.

Hopefully, after going through the above cover letter example, you must have got sufficient idea as how to write an office assistant cover letter. After the potential employer reads your cover letter, he might find you suited to the task and you will get an job interview call. Ensure that you prove yourself equally qualified in the interview as you have described yourself in the resume cover letter and your resume.

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