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Cover Letter Research Assistant, Petrosino aboriginal accomplished prominence, if he advised the abominable "Barrel Murder" of 1903. Although several men were bought the amends for killing a man alleged Benedetto Madonia (then capacity him into a butt and abrogation him on the streets), Petrosino knew the man who ordered the annihilation was Joe Morello, the top baronial Mafia bang-up in New York City. Morello's arch abettor was Ignazio Saietta, accepted on the streets as "Lupo the Wolf." Both men were feared by the Italian immigrants, and the simple acknowledgment of their name would could cause Italian immigrants to accomplish the assurance of the cantankerous in trepidation.

Both Morello and Saietta were belled counterfeiters, and they acclimated several Italian immigrants to book up endless of two and 5 dollars bills. Cover Letter Research Assistant These denominations were the a lot of accepted tender, acclimated added than any added denomination. Saietta endemic several grocery food in city-limits Manhattan. He acclimated those grocery food to consign and acceptation affected money to and from Italy; the bills getting blimp into barrels of oil, or in crates of cheese. While this counterfeiting garnered some nice profits for Morello and Saietta, it did not amuse their animalism for blood. Both men absitively to use The Atramentous Duke extortion racket, whereby they would forward adverse addendum to Italian immigrants of some means, aggressive them with death, if they did not pay the money demanded. An banner of a "Black Band" was sinisterly placed at the basal of anniversary note.

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